The leadership of a leader and/or manager reflects a considerable influence on the company. This is a point that is often discussed during coaching of managers or executives. Indeed, a leader who does not show leadership is doomed to failure in advance not only of his personal convictions, but also of the company he leads. What is meant by leadership? This word does not speak to everyone, here is a small definition. It is an English term that defines a person's ability to lead a group of individuals or an organization to achieve a specific goal. He is called the leader and it is he who takes the initiative and thus guides the other members of the group. Coaching leaders is a crucial step in increasing leadership.

How is coaching done?

The objective of executive coaching is to improve leadership of course, but it is also a centre for personality development, reflection and decision making in order to bring about positive change in the environment. It must be led by a professional coach. Coaching for leaders takes place in different stages. The first consists of a complex analysis of the company. It is a question for the manager to decipher these interactions, i.e. a neutral external view to redefine the strategy and the action plan of the company. Next comes social understanding. A leader must know his entourage to be able to communicate easily with them and boost their motivation. A leader must know how to control himself, after all how can he lead others if he cannot lead himself? Self-control is therefore also part of coaching.

The advantages of coaching leaders

The objective of coaching is to improve a leader's skills and performance. He can thus better manage his team. The process also improves the quality of the leader in question and reflects his decision-making, strategy, work, etc. A well coached leader can indirectly influence his team to reach an objective. A better management strategy towards employees.

The advantages of coaching for companies

The ultimate goal of any company is to achieve maximum profit, and coaching managers is one of the means to achieve this. A well-motivated team means quality work, delivered on time and therefore assured productivity. With management coaching, the company can only come out a winner.