Any project has a better chance of success if it is managed properly. This requires appropriate methods and tools to achieve the objectives set within the time frame. Current solutions lie in the choice of good project management software. What are the benefits? How to choose the right software? By answering these questions, the company will be more comfortable in selecting a solution that perfectly meets its needs.

The advantages of project management software

Software-based project management improves communication between the various parties involved. Data collection and processing is simplified, resulting in time savings and results that reflect the overall project situation. A project management tool will also facilitate monitoring, reporting and centralization of information for easier access. Governance and steering are significantly improved, as it will be possible to assess the progress of the work through a dashboard and key indicators. Automatically generated reports will facilitate more effective and timely decision-making.

The technical criteria of choice

Easy-to-use software will be needed to manage, coordinate and harmonize the various tasks. Simplicity is a major asset, as it will encourage actors to use the tool and integrate it into their daily work routine. A wise approach is to choose a versatile, pragmatic and flexible project management software that promotes collaborative mode and a "360-degree" vision. The tool should also be agile enough to manage all types of company projects. Customizable functionalities will allow each actor to select the ones he needs. A secure solution will protect the management data and by the same token the company itself. If necessary, the software will have to be adapted for teleworking, for example with a mobile version with sufficient functionalities, allowing the employees concerned to take part in the various activities under good conditions.

SaaS or On-premise project management software

In fact, it all depends on the needs of the company and its data protection policy. Some publishers offer software in SaaS (software as a service) mode or locally (on-premise) to be hosted on the company's server. Some collaborative tools are hybrid. The online mode requires a subscription with a service provider, the amount of which generally varies according to the number of users. This solution is accessible online with various terminals. It offers a number of advantages such as flexibility, a constantly updated platform, powerful IT security and easy access for mobile employees. In the second formula, the company acquires its project management tool by purchasing a license. It will be able to choose the infrastructure and control it completely. The data is stored internally and remains accessible offline. The hybrid formula combines the advantages of both systems.