When a company embarks on a recruitment campaign, the factors to be taken into account can be many and varied. This is why it is always preferable to rely on the know-how and skills of a recruitment agency, especially if there is a mass recruitment. Here are three good reasons to use a recruitment firm during your campaign.

A bank of CVs for various candidate profiles

The most important advantage of working with recruitment professionals is being able to benefit from their experience. Indeed, during their years of practice, they have surely already worked with several companies, which means that they have seen a large number of profiles. However, these CVs are not deleted at the end of a recruitment campaign, but are stored in what is called a "cvthèque" or CV bank. When your company expresses its expectations of the firm, it will be able to present you with the best profiles from their bank. Also, the firm can give you information and advice on the typical candidate profile you really need. It is therefore important to carefully choose the firm that will accompany you during your recruitment campaign. You will be able to check their reputation, their references as well as previous campaigns they have conducted on behalf of other companies. A modern recruitment agency uses recruitment software. Take the time to find out about the software used by the firm to see if it is effective or not.

A more humane recruitment

Recruitment is a more or less lengthy process. Employers want to get the best profiles because recruitment has a long-term impact on the company. The company's human resources managers therefore rely heavily on the quality of recruitment. However, in this quest for quality, the process can lose its human side. In other words, there is a risk that recruitment managers may forget that candidates are more than just "profiles". By forgetting this human side, the company can use recruitment methods that do not allow them to see the important qualities in the candidates. Also, it can miss out on promising candidates. Using a recruitment firm can avoid this problem. A firm is made up of specialized professionals and recruitment tools. Moreover, they have the time, experience and know-how that will be necessary to study in depth all the qualities of each candidate. They are professionals who master the more human facets and have a perfect mastery of work psychology, stress management, attitude, mood, respect ...

A more specific targeting of profiles

The profiles sought can sometimes be very specific, especially when the company is faced with developing a new department or a new service. As a result, recruitment will have to be well targeted; new employees with skills that are new to the company will have to be recruited. This is also the case when it comes to finding a new employee to handle a new machine or software within the company. The implementation of an adapted recruitment process can then become complex in this case and require the intervention of a recruitment firm. Indeed, the company will have to deal with a new type of position that it masters more or less well. The recruitment firm can compensate for this lack of experience by first identifying its recruitment needs. The goal of the firm will be to refine the selection criteria to present the best talent in the field.