Of course, being a manager is a very interesting title in terms of career; but it also requires specific qualities and good know-how.  It is a job that consists of ensuring that the objectives set by the managers are achieved; and to do this, the team must be at the height of its motivation. However, it is not always easy to manage a team, due to the different personalities of the members, but also due to a lack of communication. Sometimes words are not enough to explain and understand things, hence the importance of learning to decipher body language. But what could be the use of this type of language? And what should we learn, more concretely?

Body language in management

If a manager wants to accomplish his mission, which is none other than the achievement of the objective, he will have to communicate well with his team. Communication is, indeed, more than essential; for it is the means of specifying the objectives to be achieved, but also the plan to be implemented to achieve them. Also, a good manager must always listen to his subordinates. He or she must find the slightest piece of information that could contribute to improving productivity. In addition, there are several types of personalities in the team and some employees are not very enthusiastic about the idea of communicating verbally. This makes it necessary to master body language. In this way, the manager is able to capture the thinking of each employee making up his team.

Learn to decipher facial expression

During a negotiation, a meeting or a conflict mediation, deciphering the facial expression of one's interlocutor seems to be very effective in moving forward. Thus, the movement of the eyebrows, the fold on the forehead or the trembling lips have their meanings. Moreover, it is often an involuntary gesture, which means honest and sincere. Various feelings can be mentioned via these expressions. Sometimes it can mean a feeling of fear, reluctance or simply misunderstanding. And sometimes an expression can predict joy or surprise. In any case, it is advisable for a manager to learn body language in order to better support his team.

Other important notions

If you want to optimize communication between you and your subordinates; mastery of body language remains a must. And apart from various facial expressions, the way you sit and stand can mean many things. So, as a manager, don't rely solely on what your subordinates say. Try to understand them as much as possible for the good of the team, the company and the employees themselves.